About Us

Lipon Law provides partner-level legal services at cost-effective rates. Our first priority is client satisfaction.


If you can’t get in touch with your lawyers when you need them, how much benefit do they really provide? At Lipon Law, we leverage the latest technology to ensure you always know the current status of a project and can get ahold of us quickly.

Partner-Level Expertise

Lipon Law shuns the large firm model of profit through leverage. You never have to worry about inexperienced young associates doing the bulk of your work because we only utilize attorneys with partner-level experience. Lipon Law’s principal, Amanda Lipon Schneider, has practiced law for over a decade with an emphasis on managing commercial transactions. Her transactional work includes incorporations, founders’ agreements, partnering agreements, software and other intellectual property licenses, non disclosure agreements, venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, commercial law, employment matters, stock option plans, and more.


Excellent legal advice doesn’t need to come with the overhead of a big law firm. By operating lean and mean, we can offer expert legal services at reasonable billable rates.
Whether you seek general advice on technology transactions, or more direct guidance on contract development or negotiation strategy, Lipon Law is here to help you achieve your objectives.